The new Renault Captur is already on sale for 140 euros a month, the small print of this offer?

Renault has revamped the Renault Captur to offer us an interesting option in the small SUV segment, directly for the SEAT Arona and for a newly-renovated 2008 Peugeot. More space and technology, an evolution of its aesthetics, new engines… The Renault Captura 2020 is already on sale and comes with a very low monthly payment of 140 euros per month, what does the small print say?

The Renault Captur for 140 euros a month is really a very basic Renault Captur for 18,415 euros

The promotion of the new Renault Captur involves a monthly payment of 140 euros per month, which will have to be paid for 49 months, with an APR of 10.12%, an entry fee of 1,675 euros and a final payment of 9,643 euros.

In total, we will have paid after 4 years, at the end of the contract, a total of 18,415 euros, an amount that we must put into context with the 14,779 euros announced by the brand for the promoted model.

Renault Captur stands out for its driving comfort, design and occupancy

The Renault Captur in this promotion is the cheapest Renault Captur in the range, with the 100 hp petrol engine and the Life finish. With this finish, the Renault Captur offers very simple equipment, in fact it has no air conditioning, no alloy wheels or a multimedia system with a touch screen.

If you’re thinking of buying a Renault Captur, here are the main advantages and disadvantages and the most recommended version of the range, although it’s obviously not as cheap as the model with the Life finish and 100 hp engine. You can also find out about all the options in the segment and their respective offers in our small SUV buying guide.